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Cellar left overs

Thanks to the creation of our new catalogue we discovered a lot of cellar left overs. We put them online at a 10% discount. There are a lot of new wines and we give a discount (not because they are bad) but because we need to make some space in our wine cellar and because we cannot drink them all by ourselves!


We have several new promotions on wines that seem very interesting for you as a wine lover. Discover them on our website under ‘Popular wines’. Buy 10 bottles and get 2 FOR FREE, because we highly recommend them!

Ch. Lafite Rothschild launches special 'Collectors' Item'

Regarding the 150th anniversary of the Rothschild family on Ch. Lafite Rothschild, a special box 'Almanach Lafite 150 years' was launched last month.

Let’s buy a vertical!

More and more castles recently launched a special 'vertical' box to bridge the boring COVID period. This box allows you to experience a delicious vertical tasting at home in your own bubble. In addition, they are also real collectors' items because often only a few boxes have been made.

Discover them here.

Gift ideas

As every year, we offer you plenty of gift ideas to offer to your clients or family.
You can make your choice from exclusive bottles (limited editions), nice cases or big bottles of 3, 6, 9 or even 15 liters.

Download our ‘gift’ catalogue.

Bordeaux Primeur 2019

Last chance to buy primeurs 2019 at primeur prices! The new Bordeaux 2020 campaign is slowly coming closer (end of April, early May, we will be able to taste a lot of samples) and will end the Bordeaux 2019 campaign, which was a huge success thanks to the low prices with which the winemakers wanted to turn the difficult crisis into a positive sale! So be quick if you want to order something from the top vintage 2019 at the low primeur prices.

The campaign will definitively end at the end of April and at the beginning of May the new prices of vintage 2020 will be valid. We don't know much about this new vintage yet, but we do know that 20% to 25% less wine was produced in the Médoc (e.g. Ch. Lagrange - St. Julien: normally 45hl / ha, in 2020 only 34 hl / ha), hopefully this will not affect the prices!

List of primeur wines 2019.