•  Our prices are per bottle (unless explicitly quoted ‘price per crate’)
  • For some countries, taxes and charges can be imposed on the import of wine. Our prices do not include these taxes and need to be paid straight to the local authorities. This applies to both private customers and wine dealers.
  • All offers (both stock wines and primeur wines) on the website are subject to verification of our “stock”. After all, they are rare wines whose production is in some cases small and large volumes are therefore impossible. Nv Voedings Lesage reserves the right to unilaterally reduce or cancel an order if it appears that there is not enough stock of the ordered wine. If the stock appears to be insufficient and the order has already been paid online, Nv Voedings Lesage will refund the value of the quantity that cannot be delivered to the customer. Under no circumstances can the customer claim compensation for not delivering the requested quantities if our stocks are insufficient.
  •  Delivery costs: see section ‘Delivery and shipment’.
  •  Payment: see section ‘Payment’.
  • Retention of title: Voeding LESAGE NV will remain owner of the goods as long as the invoice has not been paid, or has only been paid partially, and will be entitled to reclaim the goods in case of bankruptcy of the customer.
  • Voeding LESAGE NV respects the law on e-commerce. This implies the following:
1. The customer has the right of withdrawal, or the right to dissolve the purchase free of charge within 14 calendar days without a declaration of reasons after receipt of the product.
2. Order button: When confirming an order, you confirm that you enter into a payment obligation as a customer.
3. Additional costs can be found under the heading ‘Delivery costs’ and may in some cases be added to the total cost. The cost of excise taxes for the relevant country will also be added to the total price in case of exports.
4. Refunds in case of returns will occur within 30 days after receipt of the returned shipping (in the original packaging and in perfect condition).
5. The payment method is described in the ‘Payment’ section.
6. Returned shipping: The returned shipping costs will be borne by the customer, unless the erroneous delivery is due to us.
7. If the returned wines are no longer in their original condition, a depreciation could be charged.
8. Risk of any damage during shipment will be borne by Voeding LESAGE NV.
9. Delivery must occur within 30 days after payment, except for en primeur wines, where a different delivery period applies, or if a later delivery date was explicitly requested or agreed upon.