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Sparkling wines, better known as "bubbly wine" in popular speech, are a perfect match for any festive occasion, as an aperitif or simply as a delight to drink. The best known sparkling wine is champagne, along with prosecco.

We are also pleased to present our selection of sparkling wines, which should not be missing from your collection.

Our selection of sparkling wines


Champagne is often linked to festive occasions, such as weddings, birthdays and New Year's Eve celebrations. As soon as the bottle is uncorked and the glasses filled, everyone is in a festive mood. We only speak of champagne when the sparkling wine is actually made in the Champagne region.


Prosecco is a magnificent, dry and sparkling wine from the Italian Veneto region. The wine is made from the glera grape (which passes on aromas of apple). It is produced according to the Charmat method. This method differs from the traditional method  as used in cava and Champagne. With Charmat, the second fermentation takes place in steel tanks and not in the bottle. A perfect drink for any festive occasion.

Good wine doesn’t need a wreath – Have a look at our wine catalogue from Topwijnen for our full assortment.

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Ask for our catalogue – Have a look at our wine catalogue from Topwijnen for our full assortment.