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With an extensive range of rosé wines from the most important wine regions, Topwijnen offers you the best choice. After all, a pleasant summer is only complete with a frivolous glass of rosé wine. Our rosé wines go from dry to sweet, from light to full bodied: we have a suitable rosé wine in stock for every taste profile.

We also present our selection of rosé wines, which should not be missing from your collection.

Our selection of rosé wines


In recent years, the sale of Bordeaux rosé has seen a great increase, which is not surprising since the wines are now much lighter in color than before (light and trendy salmon pink) and usually come in a stylish bottle. On top of that, the wines are of excellent quality, with aromas of mainly small red fruits, berries, strawberries, etc.

They often come from top domains, known for their red wines (e.g. Dom de Chevalier from Pessac Léognan), which present a very beautiful, intensely flavored rosé.

The South-West

For a long time, the wines of the southwest of France (relative to Bordeaux) have remained in the shadow of the wines of Bordeaux. However, it is a very extensive region along rivers and each appellation has its own style.

The wines of Bergerac are well known and Buzet is a region that produces very good wines. The advantage is that the rosé wines (all wines of the southwest in general) are offered at very sharp prices and the quality can certainly match that of Bordeaux. The rosés from Bergerac and Buzet are fruity, fresh and easy to drink.



Due to a variety of microclimates and with no less than 70,000 hectares of vineyards, there are many different grape varieties in the Loire wine region. As a result, approximately 10% of the French wine production with red, dry and sweet white as well as rosé wines comes from this regal region. The northern location contributes to the fact that these wines from the Loire have very delicate aromas combined with exuberant freshness.

Languedoc – Roussillon

This is the warmest wine region of France and the climate sometimes shows extreme contrasts. Rain is very rare, but when it does occur, it is very intense and very local. By the sea, rain is only 1/3 compared to the mountains. The overseas wind has a moisture-regulating and moderating effect.

For rosé, the cinsault grape is often used for a supple and pleasant fruit flavor, combined with grenache. The rosé wines from this region can be drunk in their youth and only have a storage potential of around five years. The soft prices allow you to find an “everyday-rosé”


The most beautiful rosé wines are produced in France, particularly in Provence. This apple-growing region has been in existence since 1977 and in our country is best known for its rosé wines.

The rosé wines from Provence are tender, fruity and very pleasant. You can drink these wines young with simple dishes or just for fun. Because you can.

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