About us

About us

Topwijnen.be is a subsidiary of Voeding Lesage nv, wholesaler in nutrition. Our company employs approximately 50 people; has existed since 1946 and is managed by the third generation of the Lesage family.  Our depots are located in Vleteren and Poperinge. Topwijnen.be is the expert in French wines, with a huge assortment of top quality Bordeaux wines, available immediately from stock and also for sale en primeur. In addition, we also have numerous references from the Loire, Rhône, Burgundy, Alsace, Southwest and the South of France.​

Experience & expertise

This is the result of our 40 years of wine import experience. Many Bordelaise wineries once visited by my father, Paul Lesage, 30 or 40 years ago, still supply us with their wines. This is not because we are not open to change (this happens every year; see below), but because they are manufacturers who provide quality wines that give a perfect expression of their terroir and region. Wines that charm all of you, because you have bought them from us in confidence and because they have given you nice memories. You always come back for more and that is why we still offer them and keep them in our assortment after all these years.

  • We call these wines the “coup de coeurs” of the company; wines that have been a success with our wine lovers for years and that receive positive comments from the wine tasters year after year.
    We highlight these wines additionally with the “coup de coeur” logo.

  • In addition, we emphasize a number of “price - quality wines”; wines that really offer high quality at a low price; the reason for this is to make your choice a little easier.

  • Additionally, there are also the “outsiders”. These wines offer a much higher quality and a taste that is superior to what one would expect from the region and the label.
    Their price is often higher than the average in that brand, but the exceptional quality is the reason for this.

  • New wines in our range are labelled with this logo:

  • Finally, we highlight the organic and biodynamic wines additionally with their own logo.
    Our purchasing policy remains the same: each wine is tasted beforehand and must render a perfect reflection of its territory; it must be balanced and vinified in accordance with the industry’s best practices and have ageing potential.

The wow effect

The intention is that every wine that you buy from us will give you a “wow” effect, so that you will definitely come back again. We therefore consider it a duty to taste and inspect each wine beforehand. Unbalanced or wrong wines will not appear in our range. It has already happened that significant names of certain vintages have not been offered.

In addition, we offer all these at the most competitive prices; in most cases, the lowest on the market. We can do this, because our other activity, wholesale in food products (for already 70 years) covers a large amount of costs, which means that our margins can be smaller than in a traditional wine trading company, where all costs must be incorporated in the price of the wines.

Our huge range of Bordeaux also contains half bottles and large sizes (magnums, double magnums (3l), jeroboams (5l) and imperials (6l)), often from the top years. Large sizes are better for storage and they are nice and original as a gift or to use at a party.