Can I buy per bottle?

You can indeed order all the wines per bottle, so that you can create a beautiful cellar with wines from various regions.

Are the mentioned prices per bottle?

All prices specified on our website are per bottle, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Gift crates are sometimes specified per crate. In this case, you will find the specification ‘price per crate’.

How are the wines stored at

All wines are stored in a brand new, dark, acclimatized and moisture-regulated (75% humidity) space. We also attach the greatest importance to the ambient temperature during transport when it comes to the import process and delivery.

I have placed an order, what happens next?

After you have placed your order, we first check our available stock and then we will contact you for an appointment, in mutual consultation, for delivery. If delivery is urgent, please mention it in the box provided for details when placing your order.

Are the wines packed in their original crate?

All wines that are bought per crate or cardboard box are indeed packed in their original box or crate.

Do the wines have a reliable origin?

We buy all our wines directly at the winery, or at approximately thirty different and reliable dealers in Bordeaux, if the winery leaves the commercialization to the wholesale (traders) in Bordeaux. They offer the same quality guarantees with regards to storage and transport as we do.

Do you have a physical store?

We do not have an actual physical store, but you can always come and visit us, as well as our stockroom, where you can also buy wines.

When are the opening hours?

You can always visit us on working days from 8am to 12pm and from 1pm to 5pm. You are most welcome during weekends and public holidays by appointment.

Can I pay at your business with a bank card, debit or credit card?

We accept all current debit and credit cards for payment at our company. (Shortly online as well; we are currently working on this)

Is it possible to get a ‘personalised promotional gifts’ invoice for my business?

That is perfectly possible; please mention this in the comments section when you place your order.

Do you also deliver to restaurants?

We definitely also deliver to restaurants. As a bon vivant, you can enjoy our top wines at affordable prices at many of our ‘partner’ restaurants. Also see the ‘Partners’ page.

Why buy in primeur?

  • The best wines of the most reputable wineries are always sold out in primeur and they are no longer available on the market later on, or perhaps they are, but at much higher prices. The more sought after, the higher the value of the wine at bottling.
  • Buying in primeur is the only way to buy great wines at the lowest possible (and still reasonable) prices for the private individual. Sometimes the price is 15% to 30% lower than the price after bottling.
  • Buying in primeur is a good way to start a good wine cellar at an acceptable price. Classified wineries are usually the cheapest en primeur.
  • Waiting for the ‘Foire aux vins’ has no sense: there might be a few crates of top wineries to be found, but it would rather be a matter of good luck should you come across them. After all, many Grand Cru's do not want not work with the wholesale distribution to start with, so not all cru's will be available. In addition, you will need to be quick for the good wines and know where they are. After all, the wines that were not successful in the en primeur sales will be offered there, being too hard, too imbalanced, too light, ... . We did not buy these wines, because they will surely not sell and will have to be discounted significantly. So, pay attention!
  • In conclusion, buying in primeur undoubtedly remains a system of selling to be sure of your purchases and that at the lowest prices.

Why buy from us?

  • Buying in primeur is an exercise that requires a lot of knowledge and expertise. You should certainly let yourself be guided by the opinions of well-known wine tasters and people from the industry for your purchases. We have tasted over 400 wines for this catalogue together with 3 people who eventually combined their findings into one objective and professional evaluation. Many people claim to use this method, but in further investigation of their selections it proved not to be correct... .
  • Not only is every wine described in detail, some general information per winery is also listed in order to get an idea of the origin of the wine. Unique in Belgium.
  • Additionally, we deliver all orders as from a 12 bottles assortment (€ 250,00) for free at home in Belgium. There is free home delivery in the Netherlands as from a 24 bottles assortment (€ 500.00).
  • Our wines are stored in a cellar with adapted temperature control and an adapted degree of moisture. The aforementioned guarantee the quality of your wines. All the wines come directly from Bordeaux, without intermediaries and business operations. This guarantees the authenticity and quality of your future bottles.
  • We guarantee you the best prices, delivered at home, and a very good price/quality and service, thanks to our personal expert advice.
  • Everyone who is a customer with us receives this unique catalogue for free in his mailbox; a true collector's item!

Can the primeur wines also be ordered in other formats, for example, half bottles or magnums or even bigger?

All primeur wines can also be ordered (before 15/09/2021) in other formats than 75cl and this always in full packaging/crates. To do this, you must order the number of bottles equivalent in volume (for example, if you want 12 half-bottles, then you must order 6 x 75cl) and specify the specific bottling that you desire in the section marked for details when you order online. Supplements are charged additionally for this, depending on the desired bottling. Below is an overview of the most frequently asked-for bottles.

Prices for deviating bottling (supplement per bottle, excl. VAT):

  • crate of 24 x 37,5cl: 0,80 per half / crate of 12 x 37,5cl: 0,90 per half (+ 1/2 price of bottle of 75cl)
  • crate of 6x75cl (if standard per 12): 0,50
  • crate of 3x75cl: 1.10 / crate of 2x75cl: 1,4
  • crate of 6 magnums: 2,00 per magnum (+ price of 2 bottles of 75cl)
  • crate of 3 magnums: 2,70 per magnum (+ price of 2 bottles of 75cl)
  • crate of 1 magnum: 4,90 per magnum (+ price of 2 bottles of 75cl)
  • crate of 3 double magnums: 32,00 per double magnums (+ price of 4 bottles of 75cl)
  • crate of 1 double magnum: 34,00 per double magnums (+ price of 4 bottles of 75cl)
  • crate of 1 imperial (6 L): 46,00 per imperial (+ price of 8 bottles of 75cl)

Good wine doesn’t need a wreath – Have a look at our wine catalogue from Topwijnen for our full assortment.

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Ask for our catalogue – Have a look at our wine catalogue from Topwijnen for our full assortment.