Château of the month: Ch. du Tertre - Margaux 5ième Grand Cru Classé

It is in the light of a visit and stay at this castle this summer that I would like to introduce you to Ch. du Tertre. Ch. du Tertre is a 5ième Grand Cru Classé, classified in 1855, with a terroir of 52ha in one piece located around the castle (which is rather rare in Margaux). This is still the original terroir from the early days. It is located at the highest point (23 metres above sea level) in Arsac, one of the five municipalities that can bear the Margaux appellation.
Today 50ha is in production for red and 6ha for white (across the street). The domain is one of the Grand Crus that experienced a difficult period during and after the Second World War and it is thanks to the late Philippe Capbern Gasqueton, who bought the domain in 1961 (he was then also the owner of Ch. Calon Ségur), that both the vineyard and the chais were renewed and restored to give the castle back that value of its ranking. During this period, the building was in complete decay. A second revolution in the history of the castle arose with the arrival of Dutchman Eric Albada Jelgersma (unfortunately in the meantime also deceased), who completely restored the building and decorated the castle with pieces of furniture from the past. A part on the left side of the building had even burned down when he bought the domain. But not only the castle was entirely renewed, they also started a replanting programme in the vineyard with which the planting density was year after year gradually raised to 9000 feet per hectare. Also petit verdot was planted. The chais were provided with ultra-performance equipment. All this has contributed to Ch. du Tertre regaining the quality of its position in the ranking, or maybe even higher. In January 2021, it became known that the Jelgersma family (after the death of Eric Albada Jelgersma) had sold the castle to an insurance company, which left the operation to the Helfrich family. This family also owns one of the largest wine wholesalers in France, namely Grand Chais the France.
We tasted a 2012 at the castle and the wine was a real treat with very nicely evolved cabernet sauvignon, notions of pleasantly soft fruit and cedar and a very gentle, gliding texture. A real delicacy! Also interesting is the white wine, for which the vineyard has been planted with grape varieties that fall outside the Bordeaux appellation, such as viognier (soft), chardonnay (soft) and gros manseng (fresh), complemented with sauvignon blanc (fresh). This mixture of cépages creates a very complex taste experience with a soft beginning on the one hand and yet a very beautiful liveliness at the end. Of these white wines we can offer you 2019, of the red wines we have the 2016, 2017, 2018 or 2019 vintage available. From these vintages onwards, the wine truly is top notch. The terroir of the castle is one of the most beautiful hill ridges of Margaux, with clay and stones, which is ideal for great cabernet sauvignons. The terroir is also surrounded and protected by forests, making it extra warm.
Note that the castle still makes a very affordable second wine, Les Hauts du Tertre, with a very gliding, fruity taste and yet a certain strength coming from the terroir. Also interesting: the castle has magnificent rooms, there is a beautiful castle garden designed by a garden architect and it has a 55m long swimming pool. Definitely recommended for your next stay in Bordeaux!
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