Pre-sale wines Domaines Paul Jaboulet Aîné of top vintage 2019 has started!

We recently received the samples of the domaine Paul Jaboulet Aîné and I would like to share my enthusiasm for this big vintage 2019 with you. We started with the white wines based on Marsanne and Rousanne. I was already pleased! When we tasted the red wines, this confirmed my excitement!

If you want to taste the Syrah at its best, you’d better try wines of this château, because Caroline Frey (owner and wine maker) knows better than anyone else how to make a very fine, delicious and biological wine with beautiful and pure fruit and a very soft texture. The apotheosis is that ‘Hermitage La Chapelle’ probably belongs to the best vintage ever made! But even all wines of lower price categories are very interesting!

You can already pre-order these wines (with pre-sale discount of 5%). Delivery will take place later this year, but by subscribing now, you are sure to obtain some bottles (or crates) of this top vintage! Note that their great wine ‘La Chapelle’ is produced for the 100th time with vintage 2019, this means a collector’s item!

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