Bordeaux primeur 2020

After having already received and tasted 150 sample bottles from the different regions of Bordeaux (left and right bank), our decision has been made: Bordeaux presents a vintage of an exceptional high quality for the third year in a row!
Though, the climate was very extreme: it started with a soft but rainy winter, which was good to refill the water reserves in the soil.
Springtime was also very rainy: between April and half June, there was 135mm more rain than average.
Half June, the rain stopped and in July there was barely no rain at all. The véraison (=the change of color of the grape berries) started very early and the ripening was done in a warmer period than usual. The big thermal differences between night and day during summer were remarkable, which is typical for a great vintage (2009, 2010, 2016, 2018, 2019). This led to very aromatic expression in the wines. The few rainfalls in August had no influence on the size of the berries. Even more, the heat and the dry wind of half August contributed to an important loss of weight and volume of the berries (small berries in the Médoc region = sometimes 25% less wine!). This hot and dry period led to an increase of sugar in the berries.
Then, the white berries were harvested from half August (Sauvignon) to end the first week of September with ripe Sémillons. The Merlots could be harvested in perfectly dry and early conditions between 1 and 15 September, they were sublime!
Finally, the Cabernets, the late-ripening grapes, could be harvested in perfectly ripe and early conditions between 15 and 30 September.
We have tasted brilliant Merlot wines (St. Emilion and Pomerol), but also beautiful Cabernet Sauvignons full of energy, purity and power, they will surprise everyone with their quality. The big terroirs (clay, lime) with (old) deep-rooted vines, had many advantages this year (they had a good water supply thanks to the clay / lime) but also the technique was important. The small berries often were full of tannins and a soft extraction was important!
Each vintage has an own identity and the excessive character of the climate in 2020 strengthens the diversity between different crus. The 2020 wines are very intense, colorful, aromatic on the nose, noble tannins without vegetal character, ripe but fresh and very pure fruits.
‘A sophisticated vintage’ that will write history!
The prices are similar to a low-priced 2019, or sometimes show a small increase of 5% compared to 2019, but many stay lower than previous vintages. Again, a great opportunity for the wine lover who wants to buy top wines from well-known chateaus at good prices, or for the investor who sees possibilities for profit in the long term.
In the next coming weeks (until the end of June) there will be daily new wines and prices. Closely follow our campaign because some wines will be quickly sold out because of their low quantities and good prices!

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