To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Ch. Montrose, the château has done a very special release of this unique case:
An exceptional case with:
- 1 x 2 liters bottle Ch. Montrose 2014
- 1 x 2 liters bottle Ch. Montrose 2015 (bicentenary)
- 1 x 2 liters bottle Ch. Montrose 2016
Only 200 numbered cases are made, of which 1 was sold for the record price of $28.680 (€24.200) at the auction on 24 October in Chicago, a first success for this exceptional case in a limited edition of 200.
A unique bottle size, created for this case with the 3 biggest, most recent vintages for Ch. Montrose. The case itself is unique, hand-made, ultra-exclusive and very rare. Like a “cabinet of curiosities”, it also offers many opportunities for sharing and conviviality for the lucky owner; a beautiful book about the history of Ch. Montrose, different games and a secret spot to hide cigars.
This exceptional trilogy embodies the charm and precision of the greatest vintages of Montrose and carries the legacy of their immense ageing potential. For the first time, Ch. Montrose, will invite the owner of the case, with 3 guests to visit the property, to a private tasting with dinner and to stay in the private apartments of the château (within 3 years of purchase). An unique experience for the Ch. Montrose lovers. We can offer one of these cases at €14.399, vat inclusive.
I recently tasted Ch. Montrose 2005 for my 50th birthday and I was very surprised. The magnificent taste, nicely evolving cabernets gave the wine a silky structure and a complex taste where the fruit was still pure, fresh with delicious touches of cedar wood that prickled the nose.
Ch. Montrose, as a Second Grand Cru Classé, without any doubt belongs to the biggest wines of Bordeaux, with a great storage potential. This month, we offer you wines of Ch. Montrose, also the second wine ‘Dame de Montrose’, in promotion 11+1 for free (except on vintages 2018 & 2019) until 15/01/2021.