Ch. Siaurac and Ch. Le Prieuré sold

In October 2020, we heard that the owner of Ch. Latour - Pauillac (family of François Pinault - Arthémis Estates) sold their 3 properties they had on the right bank (Ch. Vray Croix de Gay - Pomerol, Ch. Siaurac - Lalande Pomerol, and Ch. Le Prieuré - St. Emilion Grand Cru Classé), to the insurance company Suravenir, same owner of Ch. Calon Segur.
François Pinault recently bought these properties (2013) and had done impressive works in the vineyard and the chai in order to improve the quality of these crus, which he succeeded during the past few years. He acquired the talented Mrs. Pénélope Godefroy as a technical director and Jean-Claude Berrouet (ex-wine maker at Ch. Pétrus) as a consultant.
With its 46ha, Ch. Siaurac is the biggest château of the appellation Lalande Pomerol and is very popular. Ch. Vray Croix de Gay in Pomerol has only 3,67ha and is divided into 3 parcels. The biggest parcel is situated behind Ch. Pétrus and next to Ch. Lafleur. This château is bio certified since 2018. Ch. Le Prieuré is a St. Emilion Grand Cru Classé that has 3 parcels, of which one is next to Ch. Trotte Vieille, one in front of Ch. Troplong Mondot and a third at the foot of the hills of St. Emilion. François Pinault bought these domains in times of the family ‘Baronne Guichard’.
Vincent Millet, director of Ch. Calon Ségur will manage these three properties and will be assisted and advised by the existing team of wine makers.