Château Haut Chaigneau, Red, 2016

2016Château Haut Chaigneau(Red)

Lalande Pomerol
Alcohol 13,0 %
€227.03 VAT excl.
Volume: 6ℓ
This chateau in Néac has a fantastic terroir because it borders to Pomerol. A very round and full wine is produced just like in Pomerol. Pascal Chatonnet succeeds his deceased father with brio, and masters the techniques of vinification like no other, and advises other chateaus all over the world. This is our most successful Lalande Pomerol thanks to its price-quality ratio. It can be kept for 15 years without any problems but can also be drunk while young. Recently, this wine (of 2009) was tasted by Alain Bloeykens between other wines of 2009. This one received the maximum of 5 stars compared to a Grand Cru Classé from St. Emilion of 2009 that received only 3 stars, but costs three times as much. Result: endless demand for this magnificent Lalande Pomerol because it is well worth the price. 
Art nr.:
15 year
Ready to drink:
Wooden crate
Quantity per package:
Cabernet Franc 10%
Data sheet (fr):
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