Ch. Rieussec 2019 creates metamorphosis

Ch. Rieussec, Premier Grand Cru Classé, has been one of the references within the Sauternes appellation for years. The domain belongs to 'Domaines Barons de Rothschild' (Lafite). Today it is Saskia de Rothschild who runs it all. She wants to get rid of the old-fashioned image that Sauternes only goes well with foie gras or desserts, or dishes that only appear on the menu once a year.

Moreover, in a very environmentally conscious approach, she wants to abandon the classic translucent bottle and the classic box packaging.

Therefore, the new bottle of Ch. Rieussec comes in more ecological cardboard boxes of four and the dark bottle is made of 95% recycled glass. Moreover, it is provided with a cap attached to a string (all materials were purchased as near as possible to the property, in order to create as few CO2 emissions as possible). Thanks to this cap, the bottle can be kept in the fridge for one month, so you can drink a glass of this delicacy from time to time. Finally, the bottle can be reused as a water carafe or vase.

Tip : try the Ch. Rieussec aperitif with a few icecubes and two thin slices of orange juice in the glass.

(Delivery in boxes of 4 bottles, available December 2021, you can still enjoy a 5% pre-subscription discount)

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