Kelderrestjes -10%

2015Echo de Lynch Bages(Red)

Médoc - Pauillac

Alcohol 13,0 %

This second wine used to be called Haut Bages Averous and a lot of people didn’t know this was the second wine of Ch. Lynch Bages. Therefore it is now bottled under the name of Echo de Lynch Bages. 26% of the harvest goes into this second wine. It is a quite accessible Pauillac with a storage potential of 10 years. 

€47.81 €43.03€39.51 VAT excl.Volume: 0.75ℓ
Kelderrestjes -10%
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  • Art nr.: WN1013575
  • Conservation: 15 year
  • Ready to drink: 2020
  • Package: Wooden crate
  • Quantity per package: 12
  • Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot