Kelderrestjes -10%

2011Château Pouget(Red)

Médoc - Margaux

Alcohol 13,0 %

This cru is the smallest Grand Cru Classé from 1855 with only 10ha of vineyard. The average age of the vines is 42 years and they are situated on the plateau of Cantenac. The chateau gets its name from François-Antoine Pouget, who was director of the cru in 1748. The marshall emperor Richeleu gave away the shield that can still be seen on the label of Ch. Pouget nowadays. This chateau belongs to the Guillemet family since 1906. Lucien Guillemet (ex Ch. Giscours) does the vinification. He is a very good wine maker and makes a beautiful wine on both Ch. Pouget and Ch. Boyd Cantenac, even in difficult millésimes. Mr. Guillemet follows his own style and he doesn’t need any other advisors or gurus. Since 2015, the chateau has a new shape of bottle with a new label. 

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Kelderrestjes -10%
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4ième Grand Cru Classé
  • Art nr.: WN100153