Kelderrestjes -10%

2016Château de la Rivière(Red)


Alcohol 13,0 %

Ch. La Rivière, property of a Chinese manufacturer of luxury tea and manager of luxury hotels, is the most beautiful chateau of the Fronsac region. It dominates the Dordogne from the height and has lots of springs with pure potable water. The chateau obtained the ISO14001 certificate concerning limited use of chemicals for both the vineyard, the cellars and the offices. The chateau disposes of 8 ha underground cellars that are perfect for the maturation of the bottle of wines. The last few years, the quality of the wines has increased enormously. 

€19.55 €17.60€16.16 VAT excl.Volume: 0.75ℓ
Kelderrestjes -10%
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  • Art nr.: wn103535
  • Conservation: 15 year
  • Ready to drink: 2021
  • Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon 5%
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