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2020"Y" d 'Yquem(White)


“Y” is an exceptional and rare dry white wine from Ch. d’Yquem. Its production was started in 1959, in an irregular way, coming from berries of which the ‘noble rot’ for the Sauternes had not started yet. From 2004, they decided to produce a dry wine each year, but in a different way, with more freshness and tension. Every year, the team selects a few grapes of sauvignon and sémillon (before getting infected by Botrytis) that are perfectly ripe, for this exceptional wine. This is ‘relieving’ for the vineyard’s remaining grapes, that are used to produce sweet wines (and for the Botrytis that is being formed afterwards). The berries come from the big vineyard of Ch. d’Yquem and have the advantage of the same care by the same team. The wine is vinified in a separate cuvee and ferments ‘sur lie’ to obtain more intensity. It ripens for 10 months on 1/3 new oak. Only 10 000 bottles per year are made.

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Voorintekenkorting -5%
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