201620 Mille(Red)

Bordeaux Supérieur

Alcohol 13,0 %

This wine comes from a 1.4ha parcel and has a very dense planting: 20000 vines per hectare. The aim is to raise the competition between the vines (the normal planting is less than half the hectare) this is why the roots of the vines go deeper and deliver more intense grapes. Besides, the distance between the rows is only 60cm and requires a manual harvest (also leaf removal and thinning out). Finally, there is a double selection (in the vineyard and in the cellar) and everything is handled to the principle of gravity (without pumps). Jean-Philippe Janoueix wants to prove that one can make a top-quality wine outside the famous appellations. Only 4360 bottles are made yearly. 

€32.42€26.79 VAT excl.Volume: 0.75ℓ
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  • Art nr.: wn104040
  • Conservation: 15 year
  • Ready to drink: 2021
  • Grapes: Merlot